Peacock’s Features

Peacock operates between data systems monitoring and acting upon data as it moves. It employs an automated decision engine to prevent bad data from compromising data health. Peacock audits and archives data movement information in a centralized location to create a standardized resource for compliance.

Innovative Data and Feed Management

  • Complete data feed inventory system
  • Full data archive capabilities with individual feed direction
  • Complete meta data management and storage
  • Auto PGP decryption of inbound files
  • Full analysis by feed and by content
Consistent Data Quality

  • Fully configurable data quality engine
  • Manage ‘by feed’ for volume, value, threshold or trend
  • Automated Go/No Go processing on trends or thresholds
  • Analyst data review available in raw file format and/or transformed format
  • Real-time notification of data issues
Easy and Intuitive User Interface

  • Designed for analysts, business owners and C-suite
  • Reduces development time for new feed initiation
  • Real-time progress tracking by feed and by process
  • Innovative overview of data operations with expansive drill-down capabilities
Quick Install and Implementation

  • Designed as a unique bundle/framework of code base, scheduler, quality routines, notification, inventory management and workflow
  • Automatically compresses data files to save disk space
  • Integrated security defines roles for usage and administration
Reliable Performance

  • Horizontally scalable across nodes
  • Installed in the security of your network on a VM server or cloud
  • Built with a distributed environment in mind
  • Integrates with most common enterprise systems with minimal customization
Controllable Security

  • Installed in compliance with your network security
  • Dramatically reduces staff onboarding and transfer workload
  • Minimize active research on production data
  • Limits off-shore or 3rd party data or file exposure
  • Auto PGP encryption of outbound files
  • Instant tracking, audits and archives all data histories