Why Peacock


The Problem – Lack of Data Confidence
In most of today’s big data environments, finding and solving data issues is like solving a 12-sided Rubik’s cube blindfolded.  Traditional solutions often don’t identify problematic data issues (missing fields, incomplete data, formatting problems, duplication, etc.) until they get to the analytics stage, requiring intensive efforts to trace the issues back through the system.  Once the issues are found using these traditional approaches, custom solutions have to be developed, potentially taking days, weeks, or even months to solve, raising time and labor costs.

The Solution – Peacock
The key to solving data issues revolves around identifying the source of the issue and notifying the right people at the right time.  Peacock takes a direct approach, avoiding the need to trace issues back through the system. It does this by automatically triaging data when it is received and answering questions about when data is expected, when it’s being processed, and the nature of the health and content of the data feed.  The beauty of the solution is that it doesn’t require custom development for each issue.  It’s a simple and straightforward way to solve complex issues, often preventing them before they occur.

Peacock Traditional Solutions
No need for custom development
(automates visibility, validation and notifications)
Expensive and time consuming custom development
Prevent issues before they happen Need to trace issues back through system
Fast (minutes, hours, days) Slow (days, weeks, months)
Simple and Straightforward Complex
Measurable ROI – Saves up to 80%* Expensive – No real ROI
Real time tracking No or limited tracking
Business and IT usability IT-centric

*Savings dependent upon the number of feeds being run and current run time.


Data Visibility
Peacock provides the structure and guidance for data operations. More than speed, predictability is crucial in the enterprise. Without that predictability, your organization struggles to align priorities and schedules. When everything is ad hoc, expectations can be a moving target. See with Peacock.

  • What data is expected and when
  • What data is moving, where it is in the process, and when it will complete
  • Feeds that are being held for compliance or approval
  • Parallel data import paths and their availability
Data Quality
Peacock easily and consistently enforces your data rules. If clear enterprise rules are not in place and enforced – internally and externally – you are at risk. At risk of always chasing your data “tail”. Peacock’s quality algorithms establish and maintain those rules; reducing variables and ensuring consistency. Control with Peacock.

  • Pre-load verification
  • Evaluation against trends, thresholds, timing or volume
Return on Data Operations
Peacock is data operations peace of mind, saving valuable resources. Data as strategy is a common refrain from boards and CEOs. Making that happen starts with getting solid data performance today. Lead with Peacock.

  • Minimize expensive back-outs and reloads
  • Increase on-time data loads and quality at the same time
  • Optimize your team, and confidently report on results